Fingerpicking Lesson for Beginners: The 4-Step Fingerpicking Foundation

There’s thousands, and we mean THOUSANDS, of video guitar lessons online.  Many of which claim to be for beginners.

What we have found, however, is that these “Beginner” lessons are not really for beginners at all.  May of the so-called beginner guitar lessons out there today offer up a lot of flash and fairly advanced technique that typically serves 2 purposes:

1.) Feed the ego of the teacher.

2.) Prompt you to sign up for a newsletter or purchase a product that claims to teach you an uber simple method of copying his/her style and level of playing by teaching “guitar shortcuts” or “guitar hacks” that may, or may not deliver what you are looking for.

The video presented here is part of the Guitar Tricks (one of the most popular and renowned guitar lesson programs) guitar lessons program, and is anything but flash. It’s also an extremely basic and short video.

However, if you are serious about learning guitar, it is extremely important that you learn the basic foundations of different playing methods.

In learning the proper and correct foundations for playing guitar, you will avoid developing bad habits that can be extremely hard, if not almost impossible, to break, and you will increase your chances of success and progress many many times over.

This video, which is a Beginner’s Fingerpicking lesson, demonstrates the  4-step fingerpicking pattern.  This pattern will serves as foundation for your fingerpicking as you progress through more advanced lessons, and improve your playing ability.

Get this pattern down, and you are well on your way to becoming a true guitarist!

If you like what you see here, or are interested in in furthering your lessons with Guitar Tricks, you can check out their entire program here.

Now, on to the video lesson.