3-in-1 Guitar Tuner Review – Professional Clip-On Tuner

Having a right guitar tuner is essential for people who are just starting with their guitar lessons. The right note will aid you in understanding when your fretting is accurate and your finger placement is right. The 3-in-1 Guitar tuner is the best guitar tuner for beginners. It is incredibly accurate and comes at a good price.

The 3-in-1 Guitar Tuner Review

In addition to this, what a person requires in his or her guitar tuner is a large readable screen which they can easily find in the 3-in-1 Guitar Tuner. A large display makes it simpler to understand than guitar tuners which focus only on frequency.

Another great feature of this guitar tuner is its clip-on, which is easily adjustable. The clip-on allows the user to turn the display in a convenient direction, an added merit for beginners who have to concentrate more on strings than on play.


With the 3-in-1 guitar tuner, the screen changes orientation as per the user’s preference. The user can view the display either horizontally or vertically.

By using the 3-in-1 Guitar Tuner of Tidal Tek, userscan spend more of their time playing and less time tuning. This guitar tuner features an award-winning design that lets the user have all their musical aids in a single compact device.

The clip on mode of the guitar tuner uses the vibrations of the user’s guitar to tune, so the loud and chaotic noises will never get in their way. The user can use this amazing guitar tuner in the studio, for practice and for their live performances.

If you are wondering why the guitar tuner is called “3-in-1 guitar tuner”, it’s because of its 3-in-1 design that is compatible with Bass, Ukulele, all Guitars, Violin and more. Also, this tuner was voted one of the top ten holiday gifts for musicians.


There are several advantages of this device; some of them are given below:


In comparison to other guitar tuners, which have the same features, the 3-in-1 guitar tuner is cheaper. At the price range of $15 to $25, this is a worth-every-penny buy. In addition to this, it has been named ‘the best seller’ on the online retailing giant ‘Amazon.’

3-in-1 Design: 

The best advantage of buying this guitar tuner is that it not only works with a guitar but several other instruments including Violin, Ukulele, Bass and more.

Mic Mode and Clip Mode: 

It has the Mic mode and Clip mode for accurate, highly sensitive and fast tuning with large LED Backlit display. The range of chromatic tunic is 435-445Hz. The tuner would have no issue in clipping to a music stand.


The user gets the option to select from multiple meters, tempos, rhythms and volume settings. Also, it has the silent LED visual mode with BPM range of 30-250 bpm.

Tone Generator: 

The user has to manually select a pitch to listen to an audible tone. Use audible tones to tune your guitar and fine tune your ear.


The guitar tuner by Tidal Tek comes with an excellent manufacture warranty and 99% satisfaction guarantee. If the buyer is not satisfied with the device for any reason, they can contact the manufacturer and get their product replaced or ask for a refund – whatever they want. The manufacturer will not ask any questions from the buyer.

Other Merits: 

The 3-in-1 guitar tuner works with woodwind instruments by using the mic mode. If you are wondering whether it will hold calibration settings when turning the tuner on and off, then the answer is ‘yes, it will.’

3-in-1 Digital Guitar Tuner


The 3-in-1 guitar tuner is a great device but it has a few disadvantages, which are given below:

Not easy to use: This guitar tuner, in comparison to others, was a little difficult to use. The instruction guide did not have proper information and was difficult to follow. Also, the font was so glaringly small that one has to use a magnifying glass to read it. For people with weak eyesight, this guitar tuner is not recommended.

Lights:It has a red light for flat and sharp sound and green for the right tune, but the light is so bright that it can be blinding sometimes. We used a backlight because the graph was getting blocked by the bright light. The battery of the guitar tuner is great though.


Overall, the 3-in-1 guitar tuner is an amazing buy for a person who is looking for an inexpensive guitar tuner that has cool features. It may be hard to follow, but if you already know how to use a guitar tuner, the 3-in-1 Guitar Tuner is a great buy for you.

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