Fender Clip-On Tuner FT-004 Review – For Guitar, Ukulele etc

A musician needs to keep their guitar in tune whether they are using the instrument for a weekend gig, a big open live concert or just for fun. For doing this, they need a convenient, accurate and a reliable guitar tuner.

However, there are so many different kinds of guitar tuners in the offline as well as online market today that it gets seriously difficult to choose an ideal tuner for your guitar.

The Fender Clip-On Tuner FT-004 Review

To solve this problem, we did a small review of the tuners that we found acceptable and tried to find the best.

The tuner we chose was arguably the best because of its easy functionality, features, positive feedbacks from other verified buyers, user recommendations and its durability.

Types of tuners

Before selecting the best tuner, one should understand the meaning and feature of different tuners. Tuners come in different shapes and sizes and they can be classified into three groups – acoustic tuners, clip-on tuners, and pedal tuners.

The acoustic tuners depend most on hearing the sound of the instrument because they utilize built-in microphones whereas the clip-on tuners utilize piezo sensors to hear the sound of the guitar through vibrations of the wood.

The clip-on tuners do not rely on an input jack or microphone. The clip-on tuners are also the most popular tuner among the three groups because of their better flexibility, practicality and ease of use. The pedal tuners are best for gigging musicians.


The one tuner that we found best to our liking and convenience was the Fender Clip-on Tuner FT-004 which is compatible for not just guitar but also other instruments, including Bass, Mandolin, Banjo, Violin, Chromatic, and Ukulele. The Fender Clip-on Tuner is lightweight and hence, easy portable, unlike the pedal tuners which are heavier and bulkier.

This guitar tuner has a good size display area and its tuning range is B0-B7. For using this amazing guitar tuner, the user would need a 3V 2032 battery, which will last for a long time.

This small, compact size guitar tuner is easy to operate even in noisy areas and under darkened stage conditions. The built-in vibration sensor of the Fender Clip-on Tuner FT-004 allows accurate tuning in chaotic and loud environments.

Also, the guitar tuner has a huge LCD display with an easy to read needle that shows bright green when in tune and white when out of tune. This guitar tuner weighs only 30 grams, making it easy for the user to keep it with the guitar in the same bag.


There are many advantages of this guitar tuner; some of them are given below:

Small size: The small and compact size of this clip-on tuner allows the user to keep the tuner wherever they want, discreetly and safely. In addition to this, the user does not have to carry another bag for the tuner as it can be placed with the guitar easily. This allows the user to locate the tuner without any problem.

Accurate tuning: This guitar tuner is useful in all kinds of environments. It can be used at a low light bar or on a darkened stage and in extremely crowded and noisy areas without any problem. Unlike any tuning app, this tuner will not leave you helpless in case of loud noise and chaotic environment. Your tuning will be accurate with the help of this awesome guitar tuner. The large LCD display is easy to read in all conditions.

Inexpensive: In comparison to other guitar tuners, which have similar features, the Fender clip-on tuner is cheaper. Also, the product is easier to operate. For acoustic music, it is arguably the best guitar tuner in the market today.


At this price, the Fender clip-on tuner is a great buy, but there are some issues with it as well. According to a verified buyer, the tuning was accurate, but installing the battery inside the tuner is a tiring task.

However, it is a one-time task so it was not that annoying despite taking a lot of time and energy in getting the battery safely inside the tuner. The problem was with the tiny screw holding coveron the tuner.

Therefore, we think the manufacturer is already working on this issue because the box that we bought had the battery – a Cr2032 button type – already inside the tuner.


Overall, this guitar tuner is great because it is easy to use, cheap, and reliable. Also, the only problem we found is being worked upon so you might not face it when you buy it.

The Fender clip-on tuner FT-004 is worth its price and is worth your hard earned money. If you are looking for a guitar tuner for acoustic music, this one is arguably the best option.

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