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KLIQ UberTuner Review – Clip-On Tuner for All Instruments

Extreme accuracy is very important for advanced musicians and more information is always helpful. Knowing and understanding the letter is certainly not sufficient for some songs. What the musician really needs is a versatile guitar tuner, which works for multiple frequencies and different instruments. The best guitar tuner is hard to find. There are so […]

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3-in-1 Guitar Tuner Review – Professional Clip-On Tuner

Having a right guitar tuner is essential for people who are just starting with their guitar lessons. The right note will aid you in understanding when your fretting is accurate and your finger placement is right. The 3-in-1 Guitar tuner is the best guitar tuner for beginners. It is incredibly accurate and comes at a […]

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TC Electronic PolyTune Clip Review

Another tuner available the TC Electronic PolyTune Clip for you. It offers a modern look and some special functions which can hardly be found anywhere else on the market. Its weight classifies this specific tuner in the light-weight category with the weight being around 1.4 ounces. Size is also pretty compact for a tuner, which […]

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Korg GA-40 Review – Korg Acoustic Guitar Binding

The Korg GA-40 is a guitar and bass tuner which has garnered a lot of attention recently, due to it standing out in a crowd full of clip-ons, and it’s incredible accuracy.  When it comes down to choosing a tuner, both guitar and bass players have to decide which tuner they should buy in order […]

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Roadie Tuner Review – Automatic Guitar Tuner RD100

Roadie Tuner is an automatic guitar tuner which started as a start-up project, and raised a lot of money with around 2000 backers which supported the project during its humble beginnings. The idea of the Roadie Tuner woke up inside the developers´ head when they were having issues with tuning an instrument with 12 strings. It has […]

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