Roadie Tuner Review

Roadie Tuner is an automatic guitar tuner which started as a start-up project, and raised a lot of money with around 2000 backers which supported the project during its humble beginnings.

The idea of the Roadie Tuner woke up inside the developers´ head when they were having issues with tuning an instrument with 12 strings. It has since grown into a popular and well-known article which is familiar with a lot of guitar players.

The Roadie Tuner certainly has a lot of different functions and features available for you to explore and decide whether this specific tuner is worth giving a try.

Its size is somewhat bigger than the size of usual guitar tuners, with approximate 3.4 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches. However, the size shouldn’t be a big issue since its weight is still light at around 3.2 ounces. It uses Lithium-ion batteries, which also come included with shipping.


  • This product offers high accuracy in regard to tuning your guitar, which was estimated to be three times more accurate than the average human ear.
  • The detection range available goes from 55-880 Hz, and the tuning accuracy can be up to 2 cents.
  • Roadie Tuner has a function to turn on noise cancellation, which can make your tuning much more accurate.
  • The developers of the Roadie Tuner have also designed and published an accompanying mobile application which allows you to take your tuning skills to a whole new level.
  • The mobile app offers eight presets or templates for tuning.
  • The mobile app can also be used to create your own presets with custom tuning that can add an individual and specific sound to your instrument.
  • The Roadie Tuner is the first tuner that will actually monitor the quality of your guitar´s strings and warn you when your strings become old and when they should be replaced with new ones.
  • It also supports a large variety of different stringed instruments, such as acoustic, classical and electric guitars, 7 and 12 string instruments, ukuleles, banjos, etc.
  • While the Roadie Tuner works for various types of stringed instruments, this product does not support bass guitars and instruments with wooden pegs.
  • An interesting function which this product provides is the ability to plug your instrument into your smartphone by using a special adapter which arrives with the product. This allows you to get your instrument in tune quickly, even if you are in a noisy environment.


  • This product utilizes a mobile application to help its customers tune their guitars on the road.
  • Being able to create your own tuning templates is certain to improve your overall understanding of guitar tuning, especially if you are a beginner trying to learn how to play any stringed instrument.
  • Its accuracy is great and it can successfully cancel any background noise, which is sure to improve your overall playing experience.
  • It was developed by a couple of individuals which should really be given credit for the amazing work they accomplished.


  • The biggest con would be this product´s incompatibility with bass guitars. This should really be improved or changed in order to make this product even more popular.
  • It’s a bigger and heavier tuner than what most guitarists are used to, but you will adjust to it in no time.
  • The mobile app is available for Android, iPad, and iPhone but, Windows Phone users are left left disappointed because there is no official application for their platform.
  • Since this tuner is advertised as the perfect tuner to use on the road, battery life should always be monitored, and can sometimes be an issue, as the lithium-ion battery sometimes fades quickly during excessive use.

Roadie Tuner certainly qualifies as a high-quality tuner with a lot of new and exciting features. It has become popular due to its well-funded start-up program, and because it has some new and exciting features to offer to potential customers.

Hardcore guitar players may have some doubts about this product since they might not be used to using their smartphones to tune their instruments, but everything should be given a chance.

Roadie Tuner is, at the time of writing this, a fairly new product, and there is definitely a room for improvement. It was developed by regular people, not by a company. This means that they may be more open to criticism and they will, hopefully, listen to their customers when they suggest some changes.

Bass guitarists may feel left out since this product does not support their guitars, and that can be a serious disadvantage. Finally, it´s a product worth buying and there are some things you may never find on other tuners.

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