Thalia Series 200 Guitar Capo Review

Most Guitarists have a capo somewhere in their arsenal of guitar gear.  That is, unless you are an absolute purist and prefers to transpose your chords along the fret board, and absolutely insist that everyone do the same or they are not a true guitar player, to reach the desired key.

In case you are unfamiliar with what a guitar capo is, it is a simple mechanism that raises the pitch of the guitar (or other stringed instrument) by barring the strings wherever you place it on the neck.  A guitar capo is blest placed very closely just above the fret, where you would normally place your fingers to get your desired note.

But for most of us, whether you consider yourself a purist or not, having a capo handy is a quick and easy way to accomplish a key change while maintaining the original chord shapes of the song.

And while having a capo readily available to make a quick key change is extremely quick, and easy, and requires little thought in playing the song, guitar capos are also known to mess up your guitar’s tuning, and can also degrade the intonation (the accuracy of the pitch and/or sound quality) of your guitar.

So what do you do?  Do you let your tuning and intonation suffer?  Or do you completely master the guitar in learning to transpose all of your chords along the fret board?  Hmmmm….

Enter the Thalia 200 Series Guitar Capo.  Thalia, a company that undoubtedly makes what might be (probably is) the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing guitar capo, apparently thanks to an 8 year old Hawaiian girl looking at a Taylor Swift poster, makes a pretty bold claim in stating that the 200 Series Capo will effectively change the pitch of your guitar without noticeably changing or degrading the intonation of your guitar.  This aversion to intonation drift is accomplished with a set of swappable fret pads (14 to be exact), that are designed to flawlessly fit different instruments, neck sizes, and neck radiuses.


  • Every Thalia Capo comes with a Lifetime Warranty.
  • 30 day, money back guarantee.
  • Die cast zinc construction.
  • Optional finishes – including chrome, black chrome, and 24ct gold plating.
  • Heavy duty spring for secure fit.
  • 14 different fret pads to perfectly match your guitar’s fret board radius.
  • Can be stored above the nut when not in use.
  • One-handed ease of use allows for quick adjustments
  • Thalia Capos are expertly designed, stunningly crafted from the finest materials, and built with the musician in mind.
  • Includes a clear polycarbonate jewel case and microfiber gig pouch.
  • The Thalia Series 200 Capo is not just a guitar capo; it is a functional piece of art.


  • Thalia 200 Series capos are absolutely beautiful, and can be obtained in a number of high-end finishes, including chrome, black chrome, and 24ct gold, with a seemingly unlimited number of colorful and beautiful inlays.
  • 14 different Rubber and Teflon-infused fret pads allow for use on a radiused neck or flat neck, making the Thalia 200 Series interchangeable between acoustic guitars, electric guitars, 12-string guitars, classical guitars, bass guitars, and banjos. This is truly a versatile capo.
  • Numerous users of this guitar capo note that it does not mess up your guitar’s tuning, and that the guitar’s intonation does not suffer.
  • Thalia 200 Series users also love the way that the capo is easily moveable, with just your fretting hand, along the fret board. Even in the middle of a performance.
  • Heavy duty zinc die cast construction makes this capo last – that’s why there’s a lifetime warranty.
  • If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, Thalia offers a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • You’ll have the most beautiful and highest quality guitar capo, making you the envy of your guitar playing friends, and it will make you stand out to your audience.


  • While Thalia, as well as many users of the 200 Series capo, claim that this capo does not affect tuning or intonation like other capo’s do, some users claim that the capo still degrades intonation and that your guitar will need to be re-tuned after placing the capo. (Note – this claim from customers is very minimal.)
  • With a price range of approximately $60.00 – $100.00, the Thalia Series 200 Capo is quite a bit more expensive than other guitar capo’s on the market.
  • Some users state that they needed to purchase an additional set of nylon (as opposed to the Teflon-infused) fret pads to work well with certain instruments.


The Thalia Series 200 Guitar Capo has received wide acclaim for its high-quality construction, beautiful finishes, and brilliant functional design that allows for an incredibly effective and easy to use guitar capo.  The price of the Thalia Series 200 is on the high side, but given the materials used, the fret pad kit that allows for use on various stringed instruments, and the fact that Thalia offers a lifetime warranty; you really can’t go wrong in purchasing the Thalia 200 Series Guitar Capo.

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