The Korg GA-40 Review

The Korg GA-40 is a guitar and bass tuner which has garnered a lot of attention recently, due to it standing out in a crowd full of clip-ons, and it’s incredible accuracy.  When it comes down to choosing a tuner, both guitar and bass players have to decide which tuner they should buy in order to meet their specific needs. While it may seem like all tuners are the same, buying a tuner can turn out to be of huge importance and it may play a vital role in your individual touch.

The Korg GA-40 is somewhat big, with dimensions as follows: 5.2 x 3.3 x 0.9 inches. There are a lot of smaller and more compact tuners which offer some kind of maneuverability.

However, it´s not huge and its size can offer a certain feeling of safety and you will feel like it´s stronger than the competition. Its weight is proportional to its size and it´s around 4 ounces, which is a normal weight and it should be quite easy to get used to it.


  • There are two tuning modes available to choose from; the Mmoeter mode which is used for automatic tuning and Sound Out de which is used for manual tuning.
  • Its detection accuracy stands at 1 cents or better, whereas its tone accuracy stands at 1.5 cents or better
  • The Korg GA-40 uses two AAA batteries (3V), which are included in your order and can keep this tuner running for up to 85 hours of usage.
  • It utilizes automatic pitch detection, which can prove to be extremely useful in order to tune your guitar when in a hurry.
  • It currently supports two different modes: 7-string instrument mode and 6-string guitar mode with all pitches easily distinguishable.
  • This product utilizes the Auto Power Off function, which means your tuner will automatically turn off after it has been left unused for more than twenty minutes. Obviously, this function improves the overall battery life of the unit.
  • The Korg GA-40 also comes packed with a high-sensitivity microphone which uses noise cancellation in order to provide you with the option to tune your acoustic guitar.


  • Its display is large and pretty easy to read and understand, even from a distance. It utilizes a needle which is easily observable, making it ideal for a live show.
  • It´s more precise than other tuners on the market which is a great advantage for guitar players looking for absolute perfection.
  • The output jack is also implemented with the purpose of you being able to tune your guitar even during a live gig or a performance.
  • A pair of AAA batteries which power the Korg GA-40 can provide you an 85 hour-long usage session which certainly gives it the upper hand when it´s compared to the competition.
  • It has received quite a bit positive feedback from its customers, and most people will recommend it to experienced guitar players that look for simplicity and a user-friendly interface.


  • The biggest con for this tuner would be its incompatibility with any other stringed instruments except the 7-stringed instruments and 6-stringed guitars.
  • It doesn’t offer any significant and new functions than the ones that have been around for a while.
  • The display and the design of this tuner make it look old and unattractive. The design resembles some old radio equipment, and this can look weird next to a young, colorful guitarist.
  • It’s not as compact as the other similar tuners on the market, and its size and weight are a little on the high side. Many improvements could have been made regarding its design and style.

Buying a tuner can not be a rushed or a quick decision. Your entire career may depend on the choice you make and you should really choose carefully. The Korg GA-40 is a high-quality tuner which really does what it´s supposed to do.

However, it sort of lacks many functions that other guitars on the market are able to offer, such as support for instruments such as the ukulele, banjo, etc.

You can sometimes feel like you are missing out on something, but a tuner like this is recommended for experienced guitar players which really need the basic functions executed in an accurate, precise manner.

The Korg GA-40 does what it´s supposed to, and its battery can run for a long time before you need to charge it again. The fact that it performs reliably, consistently, and with a very high level of accuracy, and that it is designed specifically for 6 and 7-string instruments, makes this tuner a solid purchase for experienced guitar players.

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